Philips Avent Baby Monitor SCD 520 DECT Monitor.

Monitor your baby's sounds and movement as well as keeping an eye of the room temperature with the in-built room temperature sensor that alerts you to adjust the climate when needed.

BRAND NEW Philips AVENT Digital Thermometer Set
Philips AVENT Digital Thermometer Set combines the benefits of a tip digital thermometer and a soother thermometer, to enable easy transition from soother to temperature measurement. Soother Thermometer uses the same shield and teat as the well established AVENT soother range.
1) Flexible Tip Thermometer is specialy designed for oral and rectal use, to meet the needs of different situations and cultures.
2) Fast and reliable digital temperature readings
3) Both thermometers are accurate and easy to use, have very clear measurement displays & battery status indicators
BRAND NEW Philips Avent Ultrasonic Humidifier
The Philips Avent Ultrasonic Humidifier cares and protects for your little one, with a unique handset to monitor humidity and temperature. The humidifier prevents mucous membrane irritation by providing critical moisture for baby's sinus tissue. The boost in humidity to optimal levels helps to maintain baby soft skin. The unit also includes an adjustable mist output with high frequency ultrasonic waves to eliminate condensation. It operates completely silently so as not to disturb baby and is completely safe with a cool mist output and automatic shut off.

The hygrometer and thermometer handset monitors the humidity and temperature in your baby's room with an easy to read scale. Ideal temperature should be between 16 to 20 degrees centigrade and relative humidity of 40% to 60%.