Hi everyone....we would like to inform you that we are currently accepting orders for the new batch of KCDREAM products. You may start ordering through e-mail (maizatuldura@gmail.com or kcdream09@gmail.com or order@kcdream2u.com ) now for delivery.

All products are brand new. 1 year warranty will be provided for the electrical items.

Our sincere apologies to customers whose names are not updated in our customer's list yet and number tracking post laju can't provided unless customer request personally.

Visit us www.kcdream2u.com for more info & picture

For any inquires please call or sms 0192627640

Thank you for buying and trusting us on KCDREAM. Thanks.


 To all my followers and my beloved customers

KCDREAM is having big sales on all items to all type from as lower price. Everything must see. Hurry up to grab before it to late.

mai kcdream

Hadiah Cabutan Bertuah KCDREAM

 To all my followers and my beloved customers

Allamdulilah.Syukur kehadrat ilahi, hadiah untuk cabutan bertuah yang di import dari London selamat sampai pagi tadi. Pihak KCDREAM memohon maaf di atas kelewatan pemberian hadiah kepada pemenang yang bertuah. Saya bagi pihak KCDREAM mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua customer yang  sentiasa menyokong dan memberi kata-kata perangsang kepada saya untuk memajukan lagi perniagaan di masa sekarang dan akan datang. Bagi menghargai sokongan anda sekalian, terimala hadiah yang tidak seberapa dari KCDREAM.

ikhlas dari :
 Little Lifestyles City Compact Kit Stroller Bag

  • Attaches to your pushchair handle or carry in the basket
  • Has all you need; changing mat, dirty clothes bag, transparent wet pouch & bottle holder
  • Big front pocket & large secure zipped pocket
  • Ideal for a quick trip out to the store

Home Decor

Ayunisa Home decor

Welcome to our new home decor!

To meet the demand from some customers who asked me to buy decorations for the home. Now we have home decor.home home decor is managed by young sister.
I hope to all my follower and my beloved customer enjoy to view. We have promotion for opening home decor.Last but not least Happy Shopping.  Dream It. Find It. Love It!