(New stock from London, UK with 1 year warranty)

PROMOTION PRICE : RM1550 (We arrange your 1 year warranty)
PROMOTION PRICE : RM1450 (Customer arrange 1 year warranty)

Some info to share:
If Pump import from UK, It come along with 3 Pin adapter (original Medela). Suitable to use in Malaysia. Warranty 1 year..
If Pump Import from US, you need to buy a new adapter. but not orginal Medela.

Product information:
1) Enables mums, for the first time to pump hands-free, giving you more time and mobility in your everyday life.
2) Comes in a stylish and discreet bag with everything needed for safe storing and transporting of breastmilk.
3) Double pumping and 2- Phase -Expression Technology reduce pumping time.
4) Lightweight design means it can be taken anywhere.
5) Rechargable battery gives 3 hours pumping time.
6) Record your preferred pumping pattern and select it anytime.
7) Low noise so night time pumping is quiet and quick.

Box Contains:

1) Medela Freestyle Hands-free Double Electric Breastpump
2) Freestyle motor unit
3) Freestyle tubing
4) 2 x PersonalFit breastshield
5) 2 x Freestyle connector
6) 4 x Collection/storage bottles
7) 4 x Lid and disk
8) 2 x Caps
9) 2 x Bottle stand
10) Hands-free kit
11) UK Mains adapter (3 pin adapter)
12) Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
13) Belt with extension
14) Cooling element
15) Cooler bag
16) Freestyle bag
17) Teat Calma
18) Manual book