Medela Cooler Bag with Storage Bottles
  1. Great for out and about
  2. Fits neatly into a change bag
  3. Cooling element keeps milk stored safely
  4. 4 bottles included

Medela mini electric breast pump starter pack BPA FREE

Mini electric pump contains:
  1. 4 breast milk storage bottles
  2. 2 slow flow teats
  3. 2 pump and save freezer bags
  4. 1 quick clean microwave bag (20 uses)
  5. Cooler bag - including cooler element
  6. Citystyle handy carry bag

Medela mini electric breast pump BPA FREE

Optimal comfort for expressing breast milk at home or on-the-goEasy to assemble and clean Gentle and efficient expression
Electric or battery-powered (mains adapter included)

Medela harmony 2-phase manual breast pump BPA FREE

Proven to get more milk in less time and feel most like a babyWith 2 phase expression - the only research-based breast pump technology to mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythmPhase 1 - Stimulation Phase - just like a baby who initially suckles rapidly; stimulates the let down reflex.Phase 2 - Expression Phase - pump automatically moves to a slower speed as the milk begins to flowThe unique combination of rapid stimulation and slower expression makes also makes pumping gentle, comfortable and efficientErgonomic swivel handleGently massaging softFit breast shield


Medela Pump In Style Advanced Dual Electric Breastpump BPA Free

The Medela Pump In Style is a dual electric breast pump with hospital grade technology in a trendy rucksack. The active and working mother is fully equipped for expressing - any time, any place, every day. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Dual Electric Breast pump is ideal for frequent and extended use.The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Dual Electric Breastpump Features:-

  1. Two-Phase Expression hospital technology
  2. Single of double pumping
  3. Gently massaging SoftFit Breast shield
  4. Removable motor unit and Cooler Carrier
  5. Electric or battery-powered
PRICE : RM1500